Moon Series #4 - Day 1

Waxing Gibbous - 8:09 p.m. - 10/1/17

I am alone with my slippered feet,
alone with the aging year
as the sky gifts me with nothing but the moon
though I search for something bigger
some formation of clouds and stars
that wrap the darkness in splendor
can this be the same moon
that hung above our heads so long ago?
when you were made of giggles
and wide-eyed wonder
when we drew the sky with black crayon
and turned circles into stars
when that old picnic table held our weight
and the cats rubbed warm bodies
against our shivering legs
does the moon remember
how we strained for a glimpse
and I taught you about metaphor?
somewhere in the Earth's long history
the echo of that night has just begun,
the three of us outside, peering up
feeling our mutual anticipation
for whatever the moon had to give.