On being six

You are slippered feet
and uncomplicated goodness
starting to sound out the words
in your bright picture books
at once I love you
then I am you
dancing on the living room rug
spinning and spinning
until the room tilts sideways
and I fall over with it, laughing
until mommy tells me to hurry up
then I am sad
now I climb the steps
of my little yellow bus
and press my face against the cold glass
watching mommy and my house disappear
tracing the journey of a raindrop
with dirty fingers
now I am in my room
surrounded by pink
and the dolls are getting married
so I sing them a song
they're having a baby
they're a family, like us
they are happy
but I need to find the baby
so I make one out of felt
and Barbie's flat belly
is suddenly bulging
and I'm laughing again

Moon Series - Day 27

Waning Crescent - 8:13 p.m.

no more crescents to sketch out on lined paper
the waiting is over
except for these last two nights
but I still hold out hope
of seeing one last sliver of the moon
as if to remind me (perhaps)
that time isn't passing so quickly
I know it's a lie
another autumn's nearly gone
and with it another full moon
now I stand before the next holiday season
now I am perched
at the precipice of the first snow
now I am not quite ready
to shiver at the first frost
(already come and gone)
that left my car covered in an icy glaze
like sugar
and you wrote your name on my windshield
now we're done,
but for one more night,
so bring on the November moon

Moon Series - Day 26

Waning Crescent - 7:01 pm

By now we both know we won't see the moon
because the Earth gets in the way
but we can see our breath
and that same bright star
that might be a planet
maybe we can blow bubbles
and pretend they're the moon
or trace the crescent in the sky
with shaking fingers
as we marvel at how fast the weather turns
from warm to cold in October
this time we were there
watching each incremental phase
pull the last trace of summer from the Earth's skin
until the trees were just bones
naked and ready for a long, cold sleep

Moon Series - Day 25 (Halloween)

Waning Gibbous - 7:45 p.m.

Wherever the sky shows through
there's not a patch that isn't perfection
even though the moon won't rise
for a long few hours
even though we sit exhausted and shivering
still partially costumed
after a day of courting the things
that go bump in the night
well, that, and candy
why else would the stars put on such a show
if not in preparation for the night's finale?
the moon may light the way
for an evening of mischief

Moon Series - Day 24

Waning Gibbous - 8:16 pm

The moon, heavy lidded, gazes down from the east
too far to see at this early hour
but I remember waking up at 2 am
rolling over
and looking out the window
at the moon's lazy eye
I've lost track of the days
and the many times
that the moon failed to live up to my expectations
not that she cares
circling towards newness
I wonder if the moon ever gets tired
of her endless journey
new, crescent, gibbous, full
gibbous, crescent, new again
and on it goes
twisting eternally as the earth and I grow older
will the moon never rest?

Moon Series - Day 23

Moon Series - Day 21

That was kind of funny
all this talk of the moon
both of us writing in shadow
peering up at the sky
which still performs a magnificent show
even without the main attraction
I never noticed how artistic the clouds looked at twilight
just after a storm
with the sky a deep lapis
still bright,
perhaps cautious,
but dark enough to reveal the first few stars
glittering and faint
proving to me that the moon
can't be too far behind
If I stare hard enough into the empty sky
I might see something unexpected
like two bats fluttering towards that tall oak
that sits right at the edge of our yard.

Moon Series - Day 20

Waning Gibbous - 7:15 p.m.

Not even enough starlight
to cast a shadow
tonight the halogen lamp
that shines painfully bright,
flush against the house
is the moon
lighting up the driveway
where you sit,
capturing the threads of metaphor
we've chased down together
these last 19 days
maybe tomorrow will be clear
and we'll see how the moon wanes
as we wait for the cycle
to play out to the end

Moon Series - Day 19

Waning Gibbous - 7:44 p.m.

It's as dark as if the moon were new
but this is just cloud cover
I think I felt a drop of rain
on my notebook
it seems as if the moon takes any excuse
to hide away,
tucked from view
in her little corner of the sky
in the unseasonable warmth
of this late October night
I am missing the waning Gibbous
perhaps the moon doesn't want to show her face
perhaps she is as vain as I

Moon Series - Day 18

Waning Gibbous - 6:53 p.m.

I can't see the moon
so I'll watch the neighbor's cat
she is always content
to stare out into the night
and wonder at the creatures
that she can't hunt
the little things beyond her reach
she is, perhaps, clawless,
but comfortable
wrapped in scarlet curtains
wanting to be out here
on this night
her eyes look like two glowing moons
as they reflect the lamplight
from that bedroom sill
where she always sits
watching the waxing and waning
no matter the weather
she knows the night so much better than I

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