Blueberry Picking

Blueberry Picking
by ToadSoda (circa 2000)

With bucket in hand
and row after row of blueberries
bowing before me
offering themselves
their round fruit so perfect
so ripe

I can't help
plucking a few from bent branches
and popping them into my mouth

surprised at the sweetness
at the warmth

It will take a long time to fill my bucket
but I don't mind
I like the feel of the leaves between my fingers
I like the way the berries fall off of the branch
and into my hand
then into my bucket
to join the ripe
blue congregation
collecting at my feet
And when I squat down to lift those bottom branches
cooing with delight at hidden clumps of fruit
now exposed
I feel ancient and maternal
gathering the fresh fruit
the sweet food

It will take a long time to fill my bucket
but I don't mind

From Down Here

From Down Here
by ToadSoda

The road is windier
than it looks from my car
where somehow I missed
the ripe wine berries
where somehow I was blind
to the score of rabbits
turkey, deer and that blue heron
always at the water's edge
just below the lip of the road
In my car
I flew past her
wrapped in distraction
insulated by glass and metal
But on my bike,
I am as exposed as she
just like a startled deer
it's not hard to imagine
how easily I will go down
if met with a speeding car,
a distracted driver
and no time to react
But that's not why I ride
I ride to give my legs, legs

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