Moon Series 2016 - Day 16

Full Moon -- 9:36 p.m.

I crane my neck to see a glimpse
through watercolor clouds
but sometimes the full moon
has too much competition
as the Earth pulses onward
partying in technicolor
beneath a dull, washed out sky
its beauty forgotten
as we're dazzled by headlights
bouncing from a river of black pavement
that ties our terrestrial places together
neat packages beneath a messy sky
We assume the moon's predictable
turning its phases on and off
courting our gaze on clear nights
harvest moons, super moons, hunter's moons
we label them like spices
forgetting the moon is dependent on the sky
while we turn our attention
to the proliferation of lights
making the Earth glow, an electric pulsing strobe,
intent on keeping the night away