Four Directions

The trick is to find comfort
even in the face of rage,
to cling to compassion,
until it becomes second nature
unfolding like a map,
in all four directions
each one, a kingdom,
where I might find solace
To the west, love,
smelling like home,
bereft of judgement,
folding me into the crease of worn paper
its key located below my feet
To the north, hope,
a horizon painted with rainbows
a place where pain
won't darken the bright sky
To the east, acceptance
helps lift my heavy heart
makes my breath steady and sure
until everything is finally okay
To the south, the endless sea
where the waves rise up, embracing me
where I sink and sink and sink,
letting the world's noise fade
until all that remains
is that same bright horizon
lighting the way for someone else
by now, I'm okay with darkness