Bad Dream

First smoke against blue sky
then screams
and the TV goes blank
Still, I see it again and again
that plane at the left
flying low, too low
As the city watches
And I turn away, pretending
I don't see the buildings fall
people running through streets
That plane, a fireball
Hitting and hitting and hitting
I close my eyes

The building shakes
I don't see her at her desk
half-finished cup of coffee, ignored
I don't see him step off the elevator
I don't see them huddled
in the back of the plane
I don't see her in the bathroom
on her cellphone, saying goodbye

With my eyes closed
I don't see the torn metal
or the giant sky
I don't see him leap to his death
I don't see her burning

I don't see them walking over bridges,
Walking over bridges
Out of a city covered in ash